Kenyan American expressionist, Arthur Ochieng Midianga, seeks to bring a fierce, peaceful balance to the world. After working on Wall St. and monetary policy for a number of years, he is returning to the art world with a vengeance. He hit the scene in April of 2021, with his first exhibition show in Soho, NY after almost a decade hiatus. Through each brush stroke, his art allows him to become an extension of his ancestral history and express messages for the voices of the unheard.

Artist Statement: I am on a mission to influence the world with love and laughter. Through my works, I attempt to address intense emotions balanced with light-hearted messages; colorful representations, terrestrial subjects with visceral imagery, geometric forms and archetypes of culturally universal symbols across different mediums. I feel as if I am an arrow - sharp, discreet, yet graceful.. linking all forms of energy to the realms of where the conscious and subconscious meet; enabling us to connect to all elements of the Earth. By being vulnerable under the layers of my own skin, I allow viewers to venture deeper into hidden elements of the human experience, embracing the depths of the unknown and undiscovered.

Under the basis of “energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another”, I believe we are vessels transferring energy into anything we touch.

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